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Buenzli 20 - Location and Date Fixed

28 January 2011 » in Buenzli 19 » 0 Comments

Since Buenzli 19, we have been asked by a lot of people about our new location - and now we’re reliefed, happy and proud to be able to unveil the first details. Buenzli 20 will take place on the 26/27/28 August 2011 in Olten/Switzerland. Our new location is called "Schützi", a stand-alone building in the middle of the city.

The place is a cultural/arts center, usually being used for concerts, parties and other happenings. We’ll give you more details as soon as we catch up with the planning. In the meantime make sure to reserve the date and see where Olten is located (it’s actually easily reachable by train and car).

We will come up with everything you need to know about our celebration party in the coming weeks. Until then, do not hesitate to contact us in case of questions about anything concerned Buenzli 20.

Buenzli Survey - Feedback wanted!

18 October 2010 » in Buenzli 19 » 0 Comments

At Buenzli 19 we announced the change of location for Buenzli 20. Now that we slowly start organizing things again, we felt that it was time to gather some feedback from our past, current and future visitors. We would like to know about your relationship with Buenzli, what features you think are needed and how good or bad we performed up to now. We know your time is precious and greatly appreciate your willingness to participate in our survey. The survey is located at

Download the Buenzli 19 Announcement Jingles

27 September 2010 » in Buenzli 19 » 0 Comments

The announcement jingle from Buenzli 19 by Nooly are now available for download. You can either get the long version or the short version (or both, of course). Thank you Nooly for these pieces, they rocked the party place!

OHP Demos from Buenzli 19

04 September 2010 » in Buenzli 19 » 0 Comments

The OHP demos from Buenzli 19 are finally available: The winner production Videofax by Cortex (YouTube) as well as Winne Tour by Alcatraz (YouTube). After a while, the videos will also be available on Thanks again to both competitors for keeping this competition category alive!

Buenzli 19 After Party Page

26 August 2010 » in Buenzli 19 » 0 Comments

Use our one-stop after-the-party information page for everything that’s there, now that Buenzli 19 is over: results, releases, photos, reports… If you got something like a report or photos on your own, maybe even have an online gallery, just tell us about it and we’ll add it.

BUENZLI 19 is already history

24 August 2010 » in Buenzli 19 » 4 Comments

It was a wonderful weekend: Sunny days, more than 120 visitors (three-days and compo-watcher), a good load of releases, live acts and a perfectly friendly atmosphere. Thanks for being there, thanks for watching us on the stream, thanks for contributing and thanks for believing in Buenzli! We’ll keep you up to date about releases, photos and reports. We will be back next year, in a new location, with new ideas, new features and the same powerful organizing team. Live Broadcast

21 August 2010 » in Buenzli 19 » 0 Comments

BUENZLI 19 live outta Winterthur on! Can’t come to the party place, because you’re too far away? (Everything not related to travel distance is not a good excuse for not coming ;-)) Anyway, if you’re can’t be here, be sure to follow us on famous demoscene internet tv station.